SEI MetalForms is a full-service metal stamping and assembly facility. The in-house engineers design custom tooling and die to meet precise customer specifications. Experienced and dedicated shop technicians operate state-of-the art equipment, such as lasers, press brakes, punch presses, four-slides and lathes. SEI MetalForms achieves consistently high product quality and promises on-time delivery and reliable service.


SEI MetalForms is ISO-9002 certified and assures the highest levels of traceability and product quality. Raw material and assembly units are purchased from vendors with an established commitment to precision in chemical and physical material accuracy. Dedicated shop staff regularly gauge and calibrate state of the art machine equipment and tooling to produce component parts within narrow tolerances. Trained inspection specialists perform in-process, roaming, and final inspections on all sub-assemblies and final parts to guarantee consistent, defect-free product.


SEI MetalForms specializes in custom short and long run production with fast turnaround time. Continuous process improvement and lean manufacturing initiates allow for fast flow through production. Scheduling and constant team member communication contribute to dependable on-time and just-in-time delivery.


Our team of in-house tool and die makers, engineers and production specialists collaborate and innovate with your team to design custom precision products. SEI MetalForms offers prototyping and short or single runs to achieve excellence in design and production.

SEI MetalForms Sourcing Commitments